Saturday 21 March 2015

Best Stuttgart Running Routes and Trails

Top 6 Stuttgart Routes
Stuttgart, the hilly capital of Württemberg, is a challenging town for a run. But the old town and the surrounding wooded hills and vineyards provide a variety of great runs of every possible level of difficulty.

The people of this region have a reputation of being the hardest-working and cleverest Germans, and the amount of industry in Stuttgart reflects how prominent local companies have become in the world economy: companies like Daimler-Benz, Porsche, Bosch and Allianz Insurance are all headquartered here. But you'd never know that the city is such an industrial powerhouse when you see how much green land there is in town. You'll definitely find some inspiring runs in this interesting town. Here are the six best spots to put down your running shoes...
Pond in the Schlossgarten
The Best Stuttgart Routes
Schlossgarten: This route takes you from the castle in the old town, past the palace and then out through the long, flat Schlossgarten park, towards the Neckar River. This is the most popular running route in town. Enjoy!
Rosensteinpark: This short loop through a hilltop park connects to the east end of the Schlosspark route.
TV Tower route: This route traces a couple of wooded hills that rise up south of the city center. You can take a tram to the top and then run the green trails past the TV Tower and the Waldau sports center. Nature in the city! 
Along Bärensee
Bärensee: Bärensee is one of a chain of lakes in the woods on the west side of town, behind the university. You can take the S-Bahn train there and then do trail running to your heart's content.
Vineyards route: This route gently climbs Mönchberg hill covered by vineyards in Zuffenhausen, the neighborhood where Porsche is based. Quiet little roads and nice views.
Airport woods: If you are staying out near the Stuttgart Airport, follow the Run & Walk LE trail in Leinfelden, more wooded hillsides, with your choice of 5-, 7- or 11km routes. 

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