Tuesday 29 May 2012

Stuttgart Rosensteinpark Running Route

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Length 3.3 km (2 miles), terrain contains one hill

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Here's a nice little route down near the Neckar River in Stuttgart. You can either add it onto the Schlossgarten route, or just run it by itself.

NOTE: I did this route combining it with a run down the river from Gaisburg, at the big gas tower. I crossed Talstraße bridge and then headed northwest along the north bank of the river, first running next to the Mercedes test track (I waited around, but didn't see any prototypes drive by that evening) and then by the Wasen, the site of Stuttgart's yearly spring beer festival.

Starting point at the Schlossgarten ponds
If you want to run it by itself, you can easily get there on the U-Bahn, getting out at the Mineralbäder station by taking either U-Bahn lines 1, 2 or 14. We'll start this run there.

NOTE: see the Destinations Tips page for tips about spending your free time in this great town!
From the station, turn northwards and head into the Schlossgarten park. You'll come to the last two little ponds at the east end of the park. Just turn right and head past the last pond and then follow the path as it curves uphill towards Rosenstein Palace, to the left.
Rosenstein Palace
Rosenstein Palace and the grounds were built in the 1830s as a summer palace for the King of Würtemberg. Soon afterwards, one branch of my own family left Würtemberg to emigrate to America. Now the building is used as a natural sciences museum.

There is a nice rose-garden next to the palace. Run past the building, then turn right to begin a counter-clockwise loop around Rosensteinpark. From here, the main path is paved and heads northwest.

In Rosensteinpark
The park covers a hilltop, sharing the east edge with Wilhelma, the city zoo. Wilhelma is one of Germany's oldest zoos, which began life as a royal menagerie in the Rosenstein gardens. You can run right along the zoo fence along the east edge of the park, going by polar bears and camels.
Camel in Wilhelma
The middle of the park is an uncut meadow.

When you get towards the north end of the park, the main path curves towards the left, towards another group of modern buildings belonging to the natural sciences museum, and a playground.

Now the path will curve southeast, back towards the Schlossgarten. When you get back near the palace, take a path curving downhill along the right. It will go past the old guardhouses and on down to the ponds again where you started.

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