Sunday 2 December 2018

Best Running Routes in Milan

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Milan, the city of fashion, has some interesting running spots. The town has some Roman ruins, one of the greatest Renaissance cathedrals in the world, parks, canals and lively neighborhoods, and you can string them together into some great routes. Here are the top Milano runs.
The fashion tram in Milan
Top Milan Running Routes
Historic Sights: This route takes you on a loop through the greatest sights in the city center: the old town and cathedral, the Fashion District, Montanelli Park, then back through Sempione Park and the Sforza Castle before heading back through the shopping district.

Navigli: These historic canals made up Milan's harbor. Now they are Milan's hippest district, full of hole-in-the-wall caf├ęs and restaurants. This run starts at the Duomo and heads past Roman ruins to reach the Navigli neighborhood.

Brera/Sempione: Brera is an elegant neighborhood full of good restaurants, and a great spot for a nice evening out. And it's just a short distance from the city center. Combine that with the beauty of Sempione park, and you've got one nice run!

Naviglio Grande: If you want to see more of the traditional harbor area and its working-class roots, this run along Naviglio Grande is a great addition or extension of the main Navigli route.

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