Wednesday 5 October 2016

Best Zurich Running Routes

Top Zurich Runs

Zurich is a cool place: a bit button-down, with all its banks, but there are some friendly restaurants, and lots of green areas and lakeside paths to take a great run. It's one of the few European cities you'll ever find with two old-towns, one on each side of the river, with two very different personalities.
Running along the eastern shore of the lake
Plus, the city straddles the northern tip of Lake Z├╝rich, providing miles of lakeside promenades with constantly changing vistas over the water and past the nearby hills.

The Best Zurich Running Routes:
Old Town: As I mentioned, there are really two old towns, each with its own personality. The eastern side is full of high-priced boutiques along quiet lanes, while the west side has a lot of night life: restaurants and clubs and lots more going on. Enjoy them both!

Eastern shore: This shore is lined by parks most of the way and even has a bit of beach. One of the most popular runs in town!

Western shore: There are parks and swimming pools along this shore too. Check it out!

Uetliberg trail run: This run follows a hilltop ridge at the edge of town. Easy to get to with a train, the views are fantastic!

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