Saturday 27 October 2012

Boulder Loop Running Route

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Length 7.27 km (4.52 miles), terrain rises 70 meters in hills west of town

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Route and photos by Jessica Hauser. The pictures look like deep winter, but that was just October!

Boulder is a very diverse town. Just a few minutes walk from the lively, colorful downtown you can step into the wild and find yourself at the edge of the Rockies. This route will show you through both of these beautiful sides of Boulder.

Start your run downtown, on the SW corner of Boulder Canyon Drive and Broadway. From here you can enter the Boulder Creek Path which goes along the creek all the way from East- to West Boulder.

Run westwards (to your right) on the path. Leave the path onto Canyon Blvd. after you have passed the courthouse - a big boxy, sand-colored building to your right.
Heading westwards through Boulder's residential section
Cross Canyon Blvd. and continue onto 3rd St. This leads you to Pearl St.

Make a left on Pearl and, after a few yards, turn right again onto a small paved path.

Follow this path across Spruce St. until it turns into Green Rock Drive. This quiet little road leads onto Sunshine Canyon Drive at the end.

NOTE: Careful! In the following part of the route, the path is very uneven and not suitable for wet or icy weather. Alternate route below.

If you cross Sunshine Canyon Drive, you will see a hiking trail starting a few yards to your left. This will take you right along the edge of Mt. Sanitas with spectacular views. Follow the trail straight ahead until you see the Dakota Ridge Trail branch off to your right. The Dakota Ridge Trail will take you back to Valley View Drive. 
Along the Sunshine Canyon hiking trail
Follow Valles View Drive and make a right on 5th St. After 3 blocks, make a left onto Maxwell Ave.

Alternate Route:
Make a right onto Sunshine Canyon Drive. Make a left onto 5th and then turn right onto Maxwell Ave.

Maxwell Ave, a very peaceful neighbourhood, ends at Broadway. You will have to make a right there and then turn left onto Mapleton Ave, in order to keep going East.

Mapleton is a beautiful street with some of Boulder's most lovely houses. Go on until 19th St.

Make a right onto 19th and continue all the way down, across Walnut St., Goss St., Athens St. and many more. This will take you right back to Boulder Creek Path.

Turn right onto the path and follow it westwards - and you will end up right where you started your run!

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  1. I tried the run this morning: beautiful stretch along Boulder Creek. Thanks!