Wednesday 16 October 2019

Best Düsseldorf Running Routes

Visitors to Düsseldorf will quickly be impressed by its riverside parks, promenade and repurposed harbor. The old town is one of the liveliest in Germany, with streets full of outdoor restaurant- and bar seating, and visitors from around the world enjoying a night out with friends and colleagues. But there are also hidden corners, away from the Rhine River and the old town, where hilly woods and rural fields await for a total getaway from the urban pulse...
Runners along Düsseldorf's riverside
Top Düsseldorf Running Routes
Königsallee/Old Town/Rhine: this route takes you through the heart of town, with its elegant shopping district, the pedestrian lanes in the old town, the riverside promenade. The perfect way to see the most famous sights in town!

Both Sides of the Rhine: this route hugs the water along both sides of the Rhine River, giving you a maritime experience you won't forget.

Rhine Harbor: this great run takes you past the state parliament and TV tower and through the new Media Harbor and through traditional harbor neighborhoods at the south side of town.

Stadtwald: the town woods is green oasis of wooded hills on the east side of town. It's easy to reach with the tram, and takes you through beautiful rolling beech woods and fields.

Gerresheim: this is another great getaway on the east side: taking you out into more rural farmland and woods east of the city.

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