Tuesday 24 July 2018

Denmark Biking Route Day 7: Haderslev to Flensburg

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Length 71 km (44 miles), terrain: light hills, gain 446 meters

Hey folks, it's #SummerFun time! This week, as a vacation from the normal blogging routine, each day we'll publish a short biking route in Denmark. Maybe it will inspire a few people to try something a bit different from their usual workouts!
This is our last day of biking through southern Denmark, this beautiful land full of thatched-roofed farmhouses and secluded beaches. We'll head south from Haderslev, on Jutland's east coast, and cross the border to Flensburg, in Germany.

We'll continue following Danish National Bike Route 5 southwards at first, but this section is no longer called the "Water Way" like yesterday, it stays inland. We'll ride through the countryside mainly, with only a few glimpses of water today. Later, we switch to National Route 3, continuing south as route 5 turns eastwards.
Watermill along the way
We first head westwards out of town, along the Haderslev Dam, a dammed-up lake that empties into the fjord. Once the route leaves town, it turns southwards. We'll cross a couple of highways, then bike past Slivsø, a lake with a little beach.
Later, we arrive at the first stop along the Baltic coast at Sønderballe Strand, a curving stretch of sand and boat docks. I jumped into the water here for a good cool-off.
Along Bike Route 3
You now pedal uphill to get into the plateau above, going through fields and villages, like Kiplev and Hølbol.

The last big Danish town of the ride comes up soon, Aabenraa, another harbor town on the end of its own fjord. 
Aabenraa town center
It's worth it to walk around the old town, and -- at halfway along today's route -- time for a break. 
Nachos and a Blackbird beer hit the spot!
I stopped into the church because I wanted to see an example of a typical Danish port tradition: sailing ship models hanging from the church ceiling. I've only ever seen that in Denmark.
In the Aabenraa church
Leave town along the waterfront, passing the giant marina. Now the route zig-zags a bit on its southward journey, avoiding the main roads and taking you from one village to another.

Finally, bike-route 3 hits Kollund Strand, on the Flensburg Fjord. Stop at one of the little beaches for a last swim and a great view over the water. That's Germany off on the other side.
Kollund Strand: that's Germany on the other side of the fjord
So now you follow the trail west across the border and past Flensburg's Wassersleben beach. 
The crossing back to Germany
Continue south past the shipyards and you'll find yourself at the town's cool waterfront, with its big collection of wooden ships and a wooden-boat restoration club. 

Old ships along the Flensburg waterfront
Hansen's brewhouse, right on the water, is a great place to celebrate the end of a great week with just as great food and beer. Enjoy!

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